Articles for December 2019

Survival Gear Every Hiker Should Carry

No matter how short or long your hiking trip may be, survival gear is a must-have and a priority to have a fulfilling nature galore. A lot of things, like sudden weather change, and inevitable accidents, like a sprained ankle, can happen unexpectedly during your hike. To be a smart hiker, know the following survival gears that hikers like you should carry along with your trip.


  • Emergency Supplies
  • First-aid supplies


Your first-aid kit must depend on the number of people, how much distance you’re going to cover, the level of danger, and the span of your trip. Refill all items and check if something has expired.


  • Flashlight and signaling devices


Portable flashlights are available nowadays, so you now have a companion in the dark. It can also be your signaling device by flicking the light for SOS. You can also use a whistle for a lightweight, small, and easy to keep survival gear.



  • Emergency Shelter


If your hiking trip takes overnight or for days, you must take a tent and sleeping bag as your shelter. However, even if a day hike trip needs to fetch something for an emergency, so bring a big orange plastic bag joint as survival gear. You can stay warm and dry inside of the emergency bag, while its orange color attracts attention and is highly visible.


  • Water Filter or Purifier


When you are thirsty and tired of hiking, it is tempting to drink straight from a clear mountain stream. However, what can harm you, like bacterias, viruses, and parasites, are not visible to your naked eyes. Unsanitized water is dangerous, so bring a water purifier or a water filter to be sure. Instead of bringing gallons of water, bring a small water purifier kit for convenience.


  • Handheld GPS


Your trip will undoubtedly involve “I’m lost” scenarios, so a handheld GPS device is very convenient for hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. Your handheld GPS will help you find your way, especially if you have poor visibility, or the site has unnoticeable distinct features. Unlike smartphones, recreational hikers prefer handheld GPS device as a survival gear as it has more long-lasting and much longer battery life.

Being a smart hiker is being equipped and prepared in every situation. You can’t bring information and skills in your backpack, but try to be familiar with them. If you are a novice hiker, check out local hiking groups and learn some tips from them.

Why Gin Labels Affect a Customer’s Interest

During the previous years, the designs of gin labels have made alternating steps from the past and the present. They jump back and forth from traditional brewery images to modern and sleek gin designs. 

Why Does The Shape Of Gin Labels Matter?

Although, yes, they do matter, using the classic rectangular label doesn’t mean it’s wrong too. Beefeater Gin has been known to use rectangular labels since then, and they are still among the most popular gins in the UK. Not only does rectangular labels hasten production, but it also engraved history and tradition in its designs.

However, designs such as Gordon’s Gin is another story. It has been in the running ever since before Beefeater despite using minimalistic packaging. Their use of a cursive script for their logo, along with the minimalist labels, makes you reminisce about the packaging used during the period of post-war. Instead of using the rectangular name, Gordon’s used various shapes to highlight their gin quality inside the bottle. One of Gordon’s primary selling values is purity, and it’s impressive how they have displayed that incredibly well.

What Are The other Options?

As long as you stick to the relevant standards of the industry, then you can create the gin label that you have always dreamed of designing. Whether you opt for something modern and sleep, or a traditional design rich in history and heritage, you can use all of the techniques you learned in label manufacturing to bring life into your labels.

Circular Gin Labels

Not as standard in the 21st century, but it could still be the perfect reason as to why you should use them. The difference in label shapes from a shelf full of gins with similar label designs will make yours stand out. Bright colors combined with circular shapes will surely provide a spectacular contrast against the rectangular shape of your premium gin bottles. The forms can also be used to boost the product – the gin itself – inside the container, similar to how Gordon’s used theirs. If the gin you sell is of premium quality, then using circular labels might do the job of getting them sold.

Your packaging quality is profoundly affected by the shape of your gin labels. If you have difficulty in making your gins stand out, then selling your gin will become a challenge. Build the loyal brand you dream of by creating a design that will attract customers on the first look.

4 Places In Canada That Are Bucket-List Worthy

If you are looking for excitement and beautiful sceneries, then you should definitely visit Canada. With its awe-inspiring landscape and vibrant cities, people include this country in their bucket-list. If you have the time, then you should start applying for an eta Canada and begin your adventure. 

Prince Edward Island

If you have read the novel Anne of Green Gables, then this place might be familiar with you. The smallest province gained global limelight in 1908, a few years after the release of the book by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Prince Edward Island still retains its glory and magnificence after a century. You can enjoy the fresh seafood, basking in the beautiful beaches, historic architecture, the red rocky cliffs that Anne immortalized. 


By far, Yukon is one of the most underrated places in Canada that you should visit. Though not as popular as Vancouver or Toronto, it still gets a fair share of visitors. The best time to visit Yukon is in wintertime and get a chance to see and be mesmerized by the Northern Lights. That alone is already a commendable entry to your list. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the dog sled ride, which is perfect for that winter adventure. 

Quebec City

If you are looking for that European atmosphere that is not that expensive, then Quebec City is the place to go. Though the city is the political capital of Canada, the French heritage, language, and architecture make it look more like a historic, enchanting village in Europe. The city captivates tourists with lovely, momentous buildings built in the 17th and 18th centuries and horse-drawn carriages. 

It can also give you that Parisian atmosphere with its cobblestones streets lit by gas lamps and filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread and brewing espresso, which makes your visit pleasant and nostalgic. Aside from its culture and history, Quebec City can also offer you some zest like bars or some funky restaurants in the neighborhood. 

Nahanni National Park

This national park, awarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, is located in the Northwest Territories. It is made up of more than 4,000 square kilometers of deep river canyons that go within complex caves, mountain ranges, and massive waterfalls. A treat indeed for nature lovers. Canada is one of the countries brimmed with culture, nature, and activities that can give you a memorable experience. 

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Nebraska

If you are visiting America, Nebraska may not be on your top list. But this state is filled with captivating natural attractions worth checking out. You can wander around historic areas, cultural scenes, and beautiful landscapes. Here are a few attractions most tourists love about Nebraska.

Henry Doorly Zoo And Aquarium

Located in Omaha, Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is home to a few world records. Here, you can find the largest indoor exhibit, largest nocturnal exhibit, and largest indoor jungle. If you visit their engaging aquarium exhibits, they can offer you the opportunity to touch the stingrays as they are swimming. You can also ride the camels. They also have an IMAX 3D theater where you can enjoy a feature. Their line up of the movie is continuously changing, so you may watch a new one every time you visit.

Chimney Rock National Historic Site

The fantastic rock formation was dated to have been from 25 to 24 million years ago. Its dramatic spire is at 480 feet above sea level and served as a landmark for anyone traveling to the west in the 1900s. The landscape then is the same as it was now when the development of trains took over wagons in the age of western migration. If you visit the site, you will get a feel of what they experienced a few years back.

Scotts Bluff National Monument

If you look from the different prairies of Nebraska, you will find a view of this natural structure. The landmark was where Native Americans resided back then. Similar to Chimney Rock, this monument also served as a route for the nineteenth-century travelers traveling to the west on Mormon Trails, California, and Oregon. If you visit on the weekend, some rangers dress in period costumes to roam the areas of the park and provide short stories for tourists. The monument’s area covered 3000 acres of land and was found in 1919. Unlike Chimney Rock, the monument has already seen some significant changes such as winding roads and tunnels. If you apply for an esta now, you can get to enjoy these tourist spots offered by Nebraska. Fly to America today and see essential sites left by nature and history.