5 Tips To Avoid Transmission Breakdown

Once you notice something unusual with your car’s transmission, don’t take it for granted and look for a fix. It’s great that most car trouble can quickly be sorted by your professional transmission rebuild St. Louis, but it’s even better if you didn’t have to experience any issue in the first place. With that, looking after your vehicle’s transmission and preventing any mishap is important. Here are some tips to prevent a possible transmission breakdown.

Check Your Transmission Fluid Level Regularly.

Make it a practice to check your transmission fluid color, level and smell routinely. It is advisable to examine your car every after 1,600 kilometers. Then, see to it to change the fluid every other year or every 80,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Use The Appropriate Fluid.

The type of fluid may vary for each vehicle. While you may use your old and reliable one, some newer fluids are designed to boost the performance of your transmission. They may come at a heftier cost but worth the price in the long run.

Prevent Excess Heat In Your Transmission.

Heat can spell disaster to your vehicle’s transmission. Studies show that around 90% of transmission mishap are brought by heat. See to it that your car is operating within the normal temperature, not only you’ll protect your transmission but also improve the lifespan of your car in general.

Avoid Strains In Your Transmission.

Overloading is one bad way to put stress on your car’s transmission. Towing all that weight overwork your transmission causing it to overheat. Moreover, if you need to rock, make sure not to do it between gears. Waiting for the wheels to stop and rocking gently afterwards prevents strain placed on your transmission.

Warm Up Your Car On Cold Mornings.

Make it a habit to warm up your engine and transmission for around 30-60 seconds before driving. After that, drive easy until the vehicle is sufficiently warm.

Those tips are surefire ways to prevent any transmission mishap. However, if things go out of hand, visit a transmission repair in St. Louis immediately to avoid any further damage.