For uninterruptible power systems that are as dependable as they are high-quality, trust Eaton 9130 as the product for your company and the equipment it uses for its daily operations. This UPS unit protects all sensitive electronic equipment from power surges, power failures, brownouts, and variations in frequency. In fact, it can prevent your companies most valuable electronic equipment from problems that arise with line noise, voltage spikes, harmonic distortion and anything else you can imagine.

Continue providing the high-quality services your customers depend on with this critical power-surge backup system. Avoid corrupting data or destroyed work sessions from situations that arise from your forgetfulness. It always seems the times you forget to save or assume your data’s safety are those times your system is attacked by a brownout. Avoid this with the help of Eaton 9130 UPS system which can expand and protect every piece of equipment in the IT room.

There are several benefits of the 9130 and they include providing double-conversion technology and high-power density. It increases all battery service life on equipment using advanced battery management. Recharge times are shortened. Before a battery is about to reach the end of its useful life, it signals a warning.

Can you operate your servers without a rackmount UPS? You can but why would you leave them susceptible to power surges or frequency shifts? Get the best backup using Eaton’s 9130 rackmount UPS to give your closet servers the power they need to continue delivering your data and information to your clients.

It works for voice and data networks large and small as well as for the small office needing backups for sensitive IT equipment. Protecting your equipment is one way to protect the services you deliver to your clientele. Your company is only as good as the connections you offer your customers to keep things up and running with the help of the ABM technology powered 9130. With the LED display it is always easy to monitor.

This UPS unit is also compatible with generators. You can keep your backups backed up securely every moment of the day. Also, extend its runtime by using special battery modules which are sold separately.

Find a channel partner on the Eaton website by entering your zip code. This is the best way to find sales experts near to get this superior critical backup power device. Count on the most dependable UPS available with Eaton’s 9130.