With marketing being saturated to the internet these days, individual businesses and enterprises offer services, programs, or classes as a legitimate business that claim to improve such. One of them would be Profit League. ‘Here’s what you need to know about Profit League’s cost.


What is Profit League?


Profit league is a mode of advertising through a program made by Jeff Samis. It teaches you how to promote your own business through Facebook Ads or Google Ads. The online marketing “Pay Per Click” system is the main focus of the program.


Classes involve videos and back-office training for those who decided to join the group. It has a community which supports newcomers and veterans alike.


How to Join?


To join Profit League, you need to visit their website. Their website will load up, and two options will appear: Proof or Apply. If you click Proof, several videos attesting Profit ‘League’s effectiveness through the owner and member of the community, usually through Facebook feeds and YouTube channels. If you click, Apply, ‘you’re going to be asked for your location.


They will set an appointment for you and the owner, Jeff Samis. If you happen to meet the appointment time, the call will last for almost an hour or depending on how many questions you asked. In case Jeff Samis is not available, a key member of the group will call. In case you are not available on said time, you can move your appointment.


The owner or his representative will ask for your commitment during the appointment. After that, you are now done with your registration.




The cost of the training admission is $3,999. The total price cannot be computed since there might be additional programs with additional fees. What we do know is that inclusive of the $3,999 is the twice-weekly seminars which are up to date and interactive. You are also given training videos which are easy to understand. You are also given scripts to follow.


Take note that the $3,999 can be steep to most people. During the call, you are advised that the money is non-refundable.




$3,999 can be expensive. For a training platform, you can find other training alternatives which can be cheaper but as substantial as Profit League. Profit League has a good community, and its owners are approachable via appointment, so if you are confused or need guidance, they can be of help.