Finding Lawyers in Jacksonville Florida

If you find yourself in need of an attorney while living in Jacksonville, Florida, you may feel intimidated by the process of locating a lawyer who will fit the needs of your case. In this article, we will share some tips on finding lawyers in Jacksonville Florida who will get you ready for trial.


1. Ask for a Referral

Depending on the nature of your trial, you may know someone you trust who can refer you to a quality attorney. Lawyers, by and large, rely on word of mouth to gain new clients and if you know someone who has lived in Jacksonville for some time it is likely that they have come across an attorney you may match with for your case. It never hurts to ask, and you may be pleasantly surprised at who you are referred to.


2. Use Online Search Tools

There are a number of online tools that are intended to help you find legal representation in the area in which you live. One such tool is This website makes it very easy to locate a lawyer based on the area of expertise you are requiring. For example, if you are needing to hire a family lawyer, you can select this option before given a list of attorneys in Jacksonville, making it much more simple of a process to zero in on the representation that will fit your needs. Other tools that you can use include, and even the yellow pages website or section of your phone book.

It is always recommended to do some research before settling on one of the lawyers in Jacksonville Florida. Many attorneys offer a free consultation, which you should take advantage of if you can. This will give you the ability to speak with the lawyer face-to-face, ask any questions you may have, and see whether or not he or she will fit your case.