A Quick Guide For Lab Panel Tops Selection

Panel tops are necessary for efficient results in laboratory procedures. As you read through this article, you will surely know the required steps in selecting one.

Lab Panel Top Material

The lab panel top, workbench, or countertop is where the usual task takes place. There is a vast sea of choices in panel top comparisons. Most laboratory practitioners consider five common materials. Included in the list are:

ESD or Electro Static Dissipative Laminate 

this is a specialized conductive material for diffusing static friction or electricity. It is made to protect your work area from electronics that produce static-sensitivity and charges. It is recommended for industries related to semiconductor manufacturing and production.

Resistant Laminate

this has durability and impact resistance. It is a choice material in different industries.

Phenolic Resin

this has lightweight features. It has durability and resistant properties that repel fungus and bacteria. It resists chemicals and commonly used for laboratories that process heat exposure continuously.

Stainless Steel

this is one of the most manageable surfaces. The maintenance and aesthetic design make it suitable for most lab works. This material resists rust, heat, and corrosion. It is also used in residential, manufacturing, and industrial operations.

Butcher Surface

this material is low maintenance and affordable in price. This is made with straight wood glued into thick surfaces. It differs with laminate tops in terms of light sanded application and oiling application.

The material you will be using depends on the type of laboratory or industrial process that will be operated. You may visit trespa toplab for premium selection.

Lab Panel Top Size

This is an important aspect to put into consideration – the size of the panel top or countertop. Most of the sizes range from 24” to 36” in width. However, this still depends on the space availability of your laboratory.

Lab Panel Top Mobility Or Stationary Structure

You will have to decide whether you will make your lab panel revolving or stationary. Your laboratory design does not change frequently. So most probably, stationary work panels are recommended.

Lab Panel Top Customization

When you already come up with a panel top material and design, it is now time for customization. You may want to add your business identity features. Accessories can also add distinctiveness to it. The cords or plugs and lights can make it easy for you and your lab workers to operate on it.


Selection is a very crucial step in any process. As you have seen fundamental guides lab tops, you can be aware and active in making your laboratory works successful and purposeful.