Eight Kick Ass Plugins Developers Can’t Live Without

While there are thousands of useful WordPress Plugins available, there are a handful that I use on almost every website, so I thought I would share them with you.

  1. WP-Better Security (novice users and developers)

    In today’s day and age it is an absolute must that you take steps to secure your website. The moment you launch your website it becomes vulnerable to attack, and here’s what your thinking. “My site won’t get attacked, I’m just 1 out of billions of sites, how many people are sitting at home, probably in their underwear, waiting for my site to launch so they can attack, nobody, that’s who.” And to be honest your probably correct, there is nobody sitting around waiting to hack into your site. The real threat comes from automated hacking programs that constantly scan the web for vulnerable websites to attack.

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10 Small Design Agencies To Watch in 2013

This isn’t “the” list, but this is some of the design agencies I would keep an eye out the remainder of this year.  The one thing I find they all have in common is that they don’t focus on design although you might think that.  They offer client’s something that a lot of designers don’t: strategy.

1. Madtown

Web Design & SEO Madison, WI - Strategy, Branding & Design Agency 2013-06-18 17-03-21

Madtown is a creative agency located in Madison, WI.  They specialize in helping a small amount of clients each year on a more strategic level, and believe that design can solve real business problems.  They recently have started a blog and seem to be taking on some pretty cool projects.

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