Choosing wedding flowers is one of the most exciting activities to look forward to. Consequently, it is also considered as one of the most challenging parts along with wedding rentals. As we want to bring out your dream wedding, here are the best flowers that you might want to consider:


  1. Roses


Roses have been used by poets as a symbol of purity, love, and beauty. No doubt that roses are the top option. You can choose from 3,000 varieties of roses that are grown commercially. You can have it in your bouquet as well as in the event decorations.


  1. Tulips


Tulip means to love and happy years at the wedding. So you might want to choose tulips along with the different side flowers. They have a variety of hues and colors from yellow, pink, peach, red, magenta, orange, and purple. You can just pinpoint what will look best for your theme and have it designed by your wedding organizer.


  1. Lily of the Valley


The ladder to heaven, most known as Lily of the Valley, are bell-shaped flowers that are fragrant and delicate. They are held by thin stems that are cute and also intrinsic to look at.


  1. Hydrangeas


For a pastel blue theme for your wedding, Hydrangeas is a great option. You can have it in blush colors like blue, pink, burgundy, and purple. You can also have some in sky blue and bubblegum pink to emphasize your gown and your bridesmaids’ dresses.


  1. Peony


For a summer or spring wedding, the fragrance and bright pink colors of Peony make the wedding more romantic. With its blossoming petals, Peony can be best paired with light-colored flowers like cream and white. Although these flowers are traditionally white, red, or pink, you can also find ones in the shades of mahogany, yellow, and coral.



We always want our weddings to be the best we’ve dreamed of. It should have the complete sets of materials, flowers, and decorations that would wow you and the guests. As we always remind future grooms and brides, the best thing to achieve that is to have your wedding planned ahead of time. This includes all from wedding rentals az to post-wedding honeymoon. Nevertheless, all we wish is your happiness throughout the marriage!